Perazul Capital is a private equity, real estate investment firm, that focuses on helping our clients build wealth, by providing stable, risk-adjusted returns to our clients, through investments in institutional grade, value-add, commercial, multi-family real estate.


We do that by acquiring, stabilized, under-performing, Class B & C, multi-family apartment buildings that has some trapped potential for renovation, gain operational efficiencies & rebranding, in growth markets across the US

"Ninety percent of all millionaires, become so, through owning real estate"


Andrew Carnegie

Why Perazul Capital? 

Principal preservation
stable cash flow
partner with seasoned operators
Conservative Underwriting
equity growth
tax advantaged investments

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Deals Funded

646 unit, Class B, value-add multifamily property with 91% occupancy, located in Doraville, GA

Acquisition cost:       $63.5M

Hold Period:             3 yrs

Min. Investment        $50K

Target IRR:                16.2%

Pref. Return:              8%

19 building, multi-tenant portfolio of small & medium businesses across 6 industrial business parks in Houston, TX

Acquisition cost:       $25.9M

Hold Period:             5 - 7 yrs

Min. Investment        $50K

Target IRR:                15%

Pref. Return:              6%

490-Unit, Class B, value-add multifamily property with 95% occupancy, located in Atlanta, GA

Acquisition cost:       $55.7M

Hold Period:             5 yrs

Min. Investment        $50K

Target IRR:                16.6%

Pref. Return:              8%

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