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Investors Love Us

Hear what our investors have to say about working with us and the outcomes they were able to achieve.

"We have invested in multiple Perazul Capital sourced properties. We enjoy working with Mano and having him answer any questions we have about each investment.

The diversity of investments is particularly attractive for us. We have access to commercial and multi family properties across a variety of geographies. These investments are providing us a nice balance in our overall retirement strategy and help achieve cash flow that we don't typically see in stock market investments."

Brian Schwartz

Sales Executive

"I'm impressed with Peruzal's management. Peruzal has been great in their communication and frequent updates on the current and upcoming projects. The team has been very responsive and ready to address questions.

I'm happy with the investment - I've recommended Peruzal to my friends and plan to invest with Peruzal again in the future.

Anu Suresh

IT Associate

"Working with Perazul has been a pleasure. I have worked with quite a few advisors over the years and what sets Perazul apart is the quality of the deals. The team is very prompt in replying and clarifying any doubts.

I have actually recommended Perazul to my friends and family as well."



"I have been investing with Perazul Capital since 2018. Mano from Perazul introduced me to the concept of crowdfunding. Initially I was skeptical about the idea. However he helped me understand the process at every step of the way. I learned about the concept of investing through IRA accounts into real estate.

Mano’s expertise and wealth of knowledge has been very useful to me to diversify my portfolio and give me higher returns compared to S&P 500 index funds. He puts in a lot of effort into identifying the best deals with highest returns, making the investors due diligence process that much easier. He is always available to trouble shoot issues and coordinates with sponsors of the deals so as the make the investing process proceed smoothly as per the deadlines.

I am happy with the returns on my investments and look forward for many more years of association with Perazul Capital. I have also introduced few of my friends to this organization based on my excellent personal experience with Mano and his team. "



"We were seeking to diversify our portfolio with real estate investments a couple of years ago, and Perazul Capital has been a great fit for our needs, having provided a steady stream of high quality commercial and multi-tenant property opportunities in various markets across the U.S.

Mano has been a terrific partner - he's knowledgeable, thorough, very responsive, and a pleasure to chat and work with. Also, Perazul's investment platform is modern and intuitive, making information sharing, the investing process and tracking investments quite easy. "

Tim Chu

General Counsel

"In partnering with Mano, one can expect a knowledgeable, transparent professional willing to answer any and all questions expeditiously. I have invested with Mano on multiple multi-family offerings, and plan to continue with Mano on future offerings.

Fortunately, Mano continues delivering quality opportunities to his investors that fit across diverse investor profiles and objectives."

Sean Jolley


"We had been looking for an opportunity to diversify our investments and really liked the idea of adding property outside of California. Being a part of a group investing and not having to deal with the daily hassle of property management was very appealing.

Mano took the time to answer all of my questions and was always extremely quick to respond. The prospective buyer data was very informative and the process to invest was clear and simple. I look forward to adding to our portfolio in the future and working with your team again!"

Michelle Pinsonneault

Active Mom

"It's been smooth working with Mano and his team. Always great hearing Mano's take on real estate and how NNN leases as well as apartment syndications work. Mano finds top deals with the best payouts. The closing time was lightning fast (<2 weeks) and the follow-up communication have always been regular.

The only caveat - you have to move fast with indicating interest as Mano's deals usually are oversubscribed within days. I'm a 100% passive investor and like how I can diversify into real estate with zero hassle. Highly recommend working with Mano/Perazul."

Tarun Bansal

Engineering Manager

"I have worked with Perazul Capital on a dozen or so transactions over the past few years and found a very committed team and focused investment thesis that has yielded at or expected results. While every investment has its own risk profile, Mano and his team have done a remarkable job educating on the risks, sharing why its team is passionate about the opportunity and providing optionality to investments.

I love the following about Perazul Capital and its approach:
• Principal participation: Specifically, Mano is putting his own money into the investments that are proposed.
• Due Diligence: Remarkable insights to the products, and a team that is going to execute on the actual asset being acquired/ or portfolio of goods being executed.
• Stable cash flow. The preferred rates offered are some of the best across the industry that yields a balance of expected returns and also monthly/quarterly distributions.
• Communication: It's expected pre-transaction close, committed, and fluid communication occur.

What I appreciate is the team's consistent interactions across the entire lifecycle. Needless to say, I trust Perazul Capital. The compounding effect has also served as co-investing with family members, inclusive of leveraging his team's expertise to support my own mother's retirement."

Anoop Grover

Managing Director
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